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Thread: Why do some people don't want anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AffirmitiveAnxiety View Post
    Well Si is a perceptionary function, they dont make decisions, only filter information in. The evaluative judging functions are the ones that do the decisions..or rather they help them along.

    Incidentally, what do you base the decision to speak the words you have absorbed all your life on? And in the form that the collective environment agrees upon?
    We're getting very off-topic here, so I think we should move this discussion here: What's my type... Again? Shorter version.

    Especially since I would've asked you to clarify/rephrase the bold phrase - now you can do it in that thread. I don't want to piss off the mods.

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    We don't get to choose our desires... so asking why we want nothing is pointless, because we don't choose it.

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    Hmm...I've gone through periods of not wanting much. Weed is definitely something though, so in the case of the op, he didn't want nothing, he wanted at least one thing.

    When that was me, I just didn't know what could be had, or what else could be had. Beyond the three necessities, perhaps a few more in the internet age, I didn't see what else was needed. And, those things are generally provided for you, or are otherwise easily attainable, so, what was the rush?

    And now, I still don't necessarily want anything. It would be nice to have a few things, but, dammit, I'm human, I'll get those things, or they'll be given to me. Thanks, other humans...

    But, it never meant I wasn't ambitious. Just my ambition was tempered.

    And now? It's something to be worked on. Ambition or not, I can't justify it.

    So, I do away with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Typoz View Post
    I hope to get some answers from exactly those people, and I bet there are such around here.

    I had this friend: he always used to tell me that he doesn't want anything, especially as he was getting older. When he was younger, he used to drink a lot, smoke a lot, as he was going by the "we live only once" logic, while later he decided to set on the, kind of gangster-like, "smoke weed and do absolutely nothing" kind of life. He doesn't seem to care if it's with his friends or not, although he'd much prefer it with friends. Otherwise he plays poker or some easy-going video game, however in the end - his goal is to smoke weed, as much as possible, every day. No job, no school, just living with his parents and not caring about much.

    I could never understand this guy. We were discussing why he doesn't want anything, he couldn't answer, even thought about it, but couldn't answer. I haven't seen him for a year or two, when he got even more "like that."

    P.S. Not looking for any info about me or my ex-friend, I'm looking for general thoughts about such behavior. Especially from those who think the same.
    He's dead already, there's a lot of people like him.

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    Dysthymia. A person can interact normally with other most of the time. But the underlying depression is always there in some way.

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