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Thread: do things happen for a reason?

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    Default do things happen for a reason?

    I would consider myself logical. I would like to state that irrationality is not commonplace in my worldview.

    However, especially the older I am becoming, I cannot shake the feeling that things are happening for a reason.

    My logical self states I am forming connections only where reality substantiates thought, but I cannot help but feel something metaphysical is at play. Coincidences too firm to be mere chance... or is Ne playing a dirty trick on me?

    How do you feel about fate?

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    Some things are just out of our control, but otherwise I agree that there must be something greater happening, also out of our knowledge. Was there a main thing that reinforced this thought?
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    To me there is no fate. There are chance but not fate. Its more a collective dynamic that rules us and sometimes creates the image of chances being fate.

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    I don't like the idea, but sometimes I think I'm cursed or experiencing karma, and have to redeem myself in some way. I hate even admitting that. Every once in awhile "fate" takes on a positive spin, but funnily, I'm quicker to squash that out. Like with romance.. or just a good opportunity. I hate thinking it's fate. You just set yourself up for disappointment this way. Or I do. Some people apparently make it work for them. No idea how.

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    We act according to our nature. Actions have consequences. The consequences create our environments. The environments influence our choices and shapes our natures. Does this cycle constitute fate?

    Fate as a perspective can be useful, but as a belief can be harmful.

    (You can decide whether these are aphorisms or platitudes. I didn't wan't to create a "wall of text".)

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
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    Sometimes, I think yes. Some things seem to happen, or people come into my life, with too eerie of timing.

    Maybe it is God or maybe it the universe working in some cosmic way. Or maybe even, like we were talking about in another thread, if we are just primed for an opportunity and thus are more ready to recognize it (consciously or subconsciously) presenting itself than if it weren't something we were looking for, on some level.
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    @ ygolo

    I am very fond of what you have stated. Actions have consequences, and recognization of the consequence... insightful.


    More priming! It ties in with ygolo's post, as well. To be in a position to recognize the opportunity created...

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    I think you may be experiencing the first flush of...spirituality.

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    Things happen.
    Reasons exist.

    Reasons exist only because things happen. If nothing ever happened, then no reason would ever be needed.

    What came first, the chicken or the egg?

    What came first, reasons or things happening?

    Clearly, things happening. That's objective, reasons are subjective.

    Without me, things will continue to happen, with me, things will continue to happen...without me, reasons won't exist, with me, they will, only if I choose so.

    Fate, that things have already been determined by someone who is not you, is to assent to the notion of you not being in complete control of yourself. You are, then, not even you, but someone else...for what good is being you if you can't control you? If I controlled you, I'd consider you me...for what I consider me is what I have control over. My body, my life, etc.

    I think, then, that things happen for a reason, the reason being only what you give it.

    We create the reality which we think we are fated for.

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    I wanted to make a thread on this subject before discovering I'd already done it. Creature of habit, I reckon.

    I wonder what exactly prompted this expression of thought...

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