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Thread: Truth and Lies in imparting hope to others

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    Before I go into truth or hope. There is one word that I seem to say often when I exceeded my expectations. That is, I'm lucky.

    However, people often tell me, "luck is not found, but it is made." It doesn't stop me from saying that I am lucky though. Because, quite frankly, there are many people who really were just lucky to begin with.

    What does this have to do with hope? Expectations and some psychological hammering.

    Hope works wonder when it works and hurts badly when it doesn't. The defining factor is what you do with hope. Hope can quietly nudge someone into doing better. At the same time, hope can keep someone from doing anything.

    If you are imparting hope to someone who has no expectations and only rely on hope, then you may very well be telling lies. If you are imparting hope to someone who DOES have expectations besides hope, then you very may will end up telling a truth.

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    I dont find any reason to impart anything to others, hope or otherwise. How they choose to traverse life is their choice. For myself I approach life with a mixture of both. Sometimes it isnt helpful to dwell on the truth of things, especially when doing so keeps you mired in it. Truth is a past event mostly (hindsight) look at it, acknowledge it and move on from where you are.

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