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Thread: Personality Disorders and Personal Responsibility

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Wait a minute, I think I know who you are now, I was thrown by the change of avatar but your writing style is still the same.
    Lol... do tell.
    For all that we have done, as a civilization, as individuals, the universe is not stable, and nor is any single thing within it. Stars consume themselves, the universe itself rushes apart, and we ourselves are composed of matter in constant flux. Colonies of cells in temporary alliance, replicating and decaying and housed within, an incandescent cloud of electrical impulses. This is reality, this is self knowledge, and the perception of it will, of course, make you dizzy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UniqueMixture View Post
    Lol... do tell.
    No, I'm not imagining that you're anyone other than uniquemixture, I just didnt recognise you because of the avatar change. It happens.

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    Regardless of what I suffer from, ive always felt responsible for my actions and I dislike palming them off with an excuse designed to ignore my very real choices.

    However this is just me and my own problems are very minor and insignificant compared to others. I suppose it is a matter of spectrums.
    "An upsidedown wire heart
    Being sucked into a periscope
    Still the mind is dull
    Like you need another excuse"

    … a theory is primarily a form of insight, i.e. a way of looking
    at the world, and not a form of knowledge of how the world is….
    .. all our different ways of thinking are to be considered as
    different ways of looking at the one reality, each with some
    domain in which it is clear and adequate….
    - David Bohm

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