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Thread: What are your thoughts on death/dying?

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    Intellectually I think its a natural part of life and something you can try to avoid but will inevitably catch up with you. I don't think it about it very much to be honest and I think thats 99% because I'm young (29 years old) so death is one of those things that my brain wallpapers over as being "something old people have to think about"

    Oddly enough, whenever I do start thinking about death or come across a situation that forces me to confront the issue of mortality, I'm reminded of a scene in Final Fantasy 10 where Auron is talking about "That was my story...but yours isn't over yet" or something to that effect.

    I mean, our lives are stories in and of themselves aren't they? We have our tragic lows, our golden highs, our tales of adventure and mischief and laughter and love...and everything in between. It makes me wonder about my own life: Is my story a comedy? A tragedy? A tale of a hero who hasn't yet realized his potential?

    If my life were a book, how well would it sell? How would it compare to the stories of the individuals surrounding me or the people I come into contact with?

    I don't know. But its interesting to think about
    "There is no such thing as spare time, no such thing as down time, no such thing as free time, there is only life time. Go."
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    Answering the OP:
    Nowadays I'm not thinking about death as often as I used to. It still surfaces sometimes in my thoughts, but my stance towards it has become rather stable.

    I view death as a great unknown - to me, anything and everything (including nothing at all) might happen after I die. Sometimes I like to think about death as return to the source, reunion with the universe, becoming whole again, much like in the buddhist idea of nirvana. But honestly, I just don't know.

    Normally I would rather avoid death, and I'd like to extend my lifespan as much as possible. But I'm not afraid of death, and I realise that I might not be able to escape it indefinitely. In this case, the only sensible option is to accept it. It may also be that eventually I'll just grow tired of life and even welcome death. Of course, time could change the perspective - say, if I had only few months of life remaining, I might get a bit stressed about that. But in general, the thought that I might die some day doesn't cause distress.

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    I had a freak out about this, I'll admit a while back.

    Someone I know died, relatively young but past the age of retirement and the suddenness of it freaked me out, I kept recalling the passage in the bible about God saying "this very night your soul is demanded".

    I engaged in a bit of spiritual search which only confirmed for me that there's a lot of asshats out there who will seize upon moments like this to try and depress others or expose what they think of as a weakness or cause of humour. Trolls by any other name.

    Now I'm fine, maybe it was the passage of time but a lot happened during that time which is memorable.

    I still agree with Erich Fromm's idea that love and relatedness are the answer to the problem of existence and that human kind is one of the only animals for whom his own existence is a problem. I mentioned that before and another poster tried to derail the thread, I hope it doesnt happen again.

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    I don't think about it much in those ways. It's a part of life. I'm kind of relieved that I won't live forever, though.

    I've nearly died a couple times and have seen other people die. I've seen people die young and die in unforeseen freak accidents. My mother died in a crazy car accident when I was just into my 20s. I had a friend die right on my own couch in the living room.

    This doesn't mean that it can't effect me, it's a frightening prospect at times. I have some PTSD from stuff I've witnessed. It's more about visceral emotions though, I really don't think about what happens after, what I'm doing with my life, limited time or oblivion or all that. It seems kind of pointless to worry about because from my experience, something could kill me in the next five seconds.

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    I do not believe my existence is finite; only the experience of being in a body. This is not to say I do not fear the end of my physical life; I am very attached to being in my body.

    I always knew, in the most profound of ways, that I will die, that everyone I love will die, that the world will die. I was raised in a Christian home, so that was a frequent topic of discussion in my family and church as a child.

    I am aware of death, but I do not think about as much as I did when I was a child (or about the end of the world), I used to worry a lot about that constantly.

    At times death seems comforting and freeing, particularly on a bad day, I just want this to get over with so I can go back. I've always thought suicide would be the best way to go (not for the left-behinds, but for me), but mostly I have things I want to experience here first.

    I am interested on how to ease transition, should I unexpectedly die. But yeah, I don't think death is the end, if there is even an end.

    The show must go on.
    Not "Revelation"—'tis—that waits,
    But our unfurnished eyes—
    ~ Emily Dickinson

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    I wonder if our society is as aware as other societies or other times about death, all the momento moris from the small skeletons in boxes, skull snuff boxes, philosopher's skulls on desks etc. would suggest it was a bigger and closer thing in the past but while commentators repeatedly say its the elephant in the room these days and praise films which fixate upon it I think that is pessimistic and somehow wrong too, I think contemporary society is aware but its just not fixated.

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    A window to the soul


    Quote Originally Posted by phobik View Post
    When did you first realize your existence was finite and how did it/does it make you feel?
    I believe we are eternal, spiritual beings and life continues into the infinite. I believe the purpose of this life is to mature our spirit and connect with God to form a relationship. And what the physical body does while it's alive directly affects the spirit. When we die, our (matured) spirit leaves our physical body taking our personality and experiences with it into the afterlife.

    Quote Originally Posted by phobik View Post
    Does contemplation ever occur/cause distress and does context affect this e.g. natural termination vs annihilation in 5 billion years [out of your lifespan]?
    I feel at peace with God.

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    death happens... I know that I'm going to die someday and that there's no way to stop it, so why ponder it and let it ruin my enjoyment of living?
    Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom? -Terry Pratchett

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    I plan to read more philosophy to get my head around death because I can't process it yet. I want to be at peace with it when it comes time to die, but right now my drive to live is too powerful to be at ease about dying.
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    Seeing as it is inevitable, seemingly, what does it matter what I think of it?

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