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Thread: Elements of Optimal Living

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    Default Elements of Optimal Living

    I dont know if I posted about this before, I was reading a book on abnormal psychology which suggested some elements of optimal living in a chapter about moving beyond normality toward positive psychology.

    Anyway, the recipe for optimal living in this book included:-

    Positive attitudes toward self
    Growth and development
    Accurate preceptions of reality
    Environmental competence
    Positive interpersonal relations

    I think its a good list, of the people who I know who either live a tortured life themselves or torture everyone else around them the fourth is probably the biggest factor because they do definitely have an "unreality factor", trying to reflect what they think others want to hear, often wrongly, prevaricating, all sorts of avoidance etc.

    Anyway, what is your personal recipe for optimal living?

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    Personal freedom/ autonomy
    Maintain low/ reasonable stress levels
    Maintain at least a couple fulfilling interpersonal relationships
    Maintain physical health
    Earn enough money to afford the things I need and the things I want

    *subject to change as/ if I think of more*

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