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Thread: What is the proper balance between mental and physical discipline?

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    Default What is the proper balance between mental and physical discipline?

    There's only so many hours in the day afterall.

    Also what is the difference, in your opinion or practice, between discipline and learning?

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    hm.. somehow, ive managed to go with absolutely zero discipline. after all, how are you supposed to learn if you limit your learning?
    however, taking twenty minute naps is crucial for brains physical health and for maintaining stress levels low.
    its not easy, but the better you become at relaxing, the more easier you can relax and the easier stress handling becomes, the easier it becomes to take 20 min naps and the more quality your naps will have as you become better at relaxing.

    something which is hard for me, mind always busy as an ant hill.. i once learned to do it, and it worked like magic. i actually abandoned sleeping entirely and slept only 20 min naps cause it satisfied me more than sleeping in hunks. too bad my self control has became worse. hm.. yeah, abandoning my relaxation discipline was not a good idea fater all.. -.- .. however, i did learn plenty even when my mind couldnt remember what i learned, due the increased stress levels.

    just.. the perfect balance, is when you can relax yourself with a snap of fingers, sleep twenty minutes and feel like you slept ten hours and fail to believe your eyes when clock says you slept twenty minutes. well, Si.. is, my weakness after all. and being an extrovert doesnt help at that. nor being an enfp, as whenever i start to gain more control.. lets just say, my mind explodes and having self control becomes harder the better i get at it... O.o`.. just now, i relaxed (attempted to sleep) 20 minutes, it did relax my mind by significant proportion, but sleep i never reached as my mind was actively producing new lines i HAD to add to a post i already sent.. -.- well i remembered them, but my sleep was reduced into mere relaxation.. -_-

    IRONICALLY... the better i get at said relaxation, the more efficiently im able to use my time, but getting there costs time.. future investment. and losing will power even once after reaching such is enough to topple you down into an inefficient slump you are.. =/ inefficient at least in comparison to that state.

    but see, the apparent gain is physically visible even from a failed relaxation, judging from my ability to actually control my thought stream instead of vomiting a novel to you. (aka my normal me)

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