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Thread: Is introspection a form of intelligence?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbone View Post
    Agreed. I don't think they are synonymous. There is a tendency for introverts to be introspective just as their is a tendency for extroverts not to be. Perhaps that it just natural considering the focus of attention/energy gain? Not sure but it seems to make sense.
    A correlative argument can definitely be made and I welcome people to make it if they want.

    I'm just trying to refocus the perception because I want people to understand the question I'm asking isn't specific to that.
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    I don't think so. I think it's just a tool some use to access knowledge. And, yeah, that is most likely introverts.
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    I think the very intelligent are more likely to feel isolated/alone and if they do not develop the tools to connect with others are prone to introspection. I think environment matters as well someone of say iq 160 (yes, I know iq doesn't equal intelligence) would probably be more prone to introspection in a small town than on a college campus or in a social club in a large metropolitan region.
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    In a 2010 science journal, a study found that anterior prefrontal cortex size (the amount of dark and white matter) was directly connected to degrees of introspection - but the size has never been connected to IQ (from what I've read). Introspection seems to be a necessary ability to expand consciousness and self awareness, so I think it is a form of intelligence. I also think that too much introspection can hinder functioning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    ...versus, just a characteristic...?

    That's the Q. A curious mind inquires!

    *Also, is curiosity a form of intelligence or just a (necessary?) precursor to it? I suppose curiosity may be a variety of introspection.

    *Err I meant vice versa! Introspection seems like a variety of curiosity that is specifically directed inward.
    Introspection seems more directly related to wisdom than to intelligence.
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    Intelligence is what we define it as. Personally, I consider the ability to introspect a sign of intelligence. However, that tells you more about me than about intelligence.

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    Many philosophers, such as Immanuel Kant and Descartes, held cognition, the ability to connect ideas and deduce pure a priori synthetic judgments as the pinnacle of reasoning. By being introspective we tend to look at ourselves without the influence of our exterior environment. By doing so we may gain a deeper understanding in many things and also reveal the untapped knowledge we possess. Intelligence is the ability to acquire knowledge, while being introspective is an ability to acquire knowledge. Although self reflection may support intelligence, I don't believe that being introspective is in directly proportional to intelligence, as there are many other ways which knowledge can be gained, through observation etc.

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