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Thread: Pro-life/reverence for life

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    Pro-life is a misleading term because there are supposed "pro-lifers" who support the death penalty. It also intrigues me that in my country the very people who are most loudly pro-life have no issue starving the child once it gets through breast feeding, or denying the child or his/her mother basic healthcare.

    Furthermore, being pro-choice doesn't even mean that you're "pro-abortion"'s not like people who are pro-choice think abortions are some wonderful, fabulous, easy thing. Most people who are pro-choice don't think abortion is something that should be taken lightly or used a form of birth control.

    You can even be pro-choice (for other people) but be firmly opposed to having an abortion for yourself.

    Another problem is that some people don't believe life begins at conception, so the way they are looking at it, they aren't even "killing" anything that is independently alive.
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    This is not about abortion marms. More about the oversoul
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    We are subjective. This is such a broad approach. Yeah. Generally, we universally value life in a Hallmark sort of way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    There are entire philosophies and some psychological schools of thought created around the idea of being life affirming or life affirmative and revering life, do you think that these are useful and a valuable contribution culturally or are these mistaken, creating a false dichotomy of life affirmative vs. life negating and placing those who do not conform to their ideas in the later category?
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