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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefeater View Post
    The testimony was that it was said a stones throw away from the disciples and that it was at the end of the prayer they were found asleep.

    Do you think mark (and Luke) lied or do you believe people filled in testimony later?
    I was being facetious, I think that its possible to interpret that remark in that but I dont believe that Jesus would have had to capitulate and be humble to God's will quite like that, he was afterall part of the trinity so it seems like he was having a battle of conscience instead, like "OK, time to nail the colours to the mast on this one".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    Aprox. 30% of the posts of this thread are Lark's.
    2 theories:
    a) He knows a lot.
    b) He just talks a lot.
    I can understand that you really want to be part of things but the topic isnt me.

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    1. All men and women by nature, since the fall of our father Adam, are sinners, alienated from God.
    2. It is the will of God to save sinners.
    It might just be my view of this, but I see these two as massive contradictions.

    Always reminds me of the view of Christianity, (specifically catholicism), in the film Dogma. How can someone be absolved of sin if God's judgement of them is absolute and infallible?

    It's a paradox...

    Of course this is just my silly cliche understanding, im sure someone intelligent will be along shortly to point out my flawed reasoning....any second now.....any..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    I can understand that you really want to be part of things but the topic isnt me.
    Hey, that comeback was pretty good.

    Anyways, carry on.

    A man builds. A parasite asks 'Where is my share?'
    A man creates. A parasite says, 'What will the neighbors think?'
    A man invents. A parasite says, 'Watch out, or you might tread on the toes of God... '


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    Hey, that comeback was pretty good.

    Anyways, carry on.
    Comeback? Well, I suppose that is all anyone needs to know about yourself and what your game is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Well that is logical if you do believe in the election theories of Calvin, I find that's all incredible given that it appears to be based upon the literal interpretation of single verse about names being written in the "book of life", why is that more important than either the passages about judgement in Mark or Matthew?
    It's based on a whole bunch of "proof-texts"; the biggest one of all being Roman 9 ("vessels of wrath/mercy"; it's actually referring to Israel, not every person saved or lost), and the next biggest one usually being Acts 13:48 ("as many as ordained to life, believed". Still not talking about every person ever saved or lost).
    I just think that the theory of election or a choosen people is totally unreconcilable with salvation being contingent upon either faith or works.
    IT's also irreconcilable with the Grace taught in scripture. Its adherents reason that "God owed no one salvation at all, so it's a good thing he saved as many as HE did" (which is relative FEW. But then nothing changed from the Law, where only a few were saved, so it questions what the Cross really accomplished).
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