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    Default Heresy Trial in 1967?

    I've been reading, very briefly about a Lloyd Geering this evening.

    Apparently he's a big opponent of the Alpha Course, a form of evangelical fundamentalism in the presbytarian protestant Christian congregations.

    Anyway, he was put on trial by his faith community in 1967, that's right 1967! I didnt believe that heresy was still a charge which was made against individuals as late as that (I confess to being unsure about the RCC's dealing with Karl Rahner, Hans Kung and others, including some of the liberation theologians, but I dont think it was heresy which they where charged with in any case, I could be wrong about that though).

    What is interesting though is that the wiki, if its accurate, makes me wonder about what this guy professes to believe altoghether, he doesnt believe in a supernatural God, a God who created the cosmos and exists infinitely outside of it, nor the resurrection in the sense of a resuscitated body (I dont believe that Hans Kung has adopted those positions but he comes close sometimes, at least I feel, in some of what I've read, most recently his book What I Believe).

    Those ideas though seem to me to be unchristian or something so far removed from Christianity as to make charges of heresy irrelevent. It would be like suggesting Dawkins was a heretic, which would be absurd since he is not a Christian and I've always thought heresy was about infidelity to teaching or deliberate distortion of teaching or corruption of teaching. Teaching being accepted ideas and doctrines.

    Anyone else have a view or know about this in any more depth?

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    No but it certainly doesn't surprise me. Truthfully, this sort of thing happening now wouldn't surprise me either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceecee View Post
    No but it certainly doesn't surprise me. Truthfully, this sort of thing happening now wouldn't surprise me either.
    In what sense?

    I dont think that its heresy because I dont think that this guy can profess to believe what it is a matter of record that he believes and still be a Christian, in order for there to be heresy there would need to be a belief to begin with and then a deliberate distortion of that belief surely.

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