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Thread: Religion is a universal

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    If you count animism and shamanism, then yeah I'd say it has been a universal. They didn't distinguish between the natural and the supernatural, though, and I don't think religion as we tend to conceive of it existed until that distinction emerged. Though it is true that such a distinction has appeared in every civilization. I chock it up to the fact that spiritualism was an explanation for mysteries that must gradually become more discrete and withdrawn as things like science and mathematics provide better explanations.
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    Magic reports on bull shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swordpath View Post
    Better understood?

    Undoubtedly. If religion were better understood we wouldn't have assholes strapping bombs to children and blowing up the market place.

    I didnt know they did that...

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    People are going to kill children and destroy marketplaces anyways. And more. Religion is not the problem there. Humanity is. If anything, most religions strive to redefine humanity..and point to an ideal of it. That might be the first thing worth understanding about them. And people who actually take those ideals seriously tend to be kind of remarkable and generous, in my experience. They do things that don't come easily to me at least. I'm not going to deny it and take that away from them. Like I'm a better person or something. Bullshit. I'm not. I think the only thing I have going for me is self-awareness. lol

    It'd be nice if there was one area to blame all of the problems on though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synapse View Post
    Yes it should be better understood...
    When you want to consciously or unconsciously become limited in your spiritual growth it is the path to choose.

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