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    What is the difference between Belief, Trust, Faith, and Hope? It seems no matter where I've looked for answers to these questions, I end up with a philosophical answer or no answer at all.

    If there is no meaning to life except what we create in our subjective moment, then are we all trolls, blinding trolling one another with our beliefs, expectations, and desires, when in the end of moments that won't matter?

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    Some of the most difficult questions I've had to ask myself or think about where spiritual too. Although I think doubt is human, its still troubling, we live in an age in which it is more rational to doubt than to believe, its not always been that way.

    The other, most difficult question, which arises in different formats and I usually have different answers to, it changes with context, circumstances and time, is whether the life I'm living, in terms of work, assurities, routine, mundanities has more to recommend it than the alternatives. Do you risk a sure thing on a maybe? Farther fields are greener. Its never that compelling and its never that concrete but is the big question which haunts me. Time is precious, it probably deserves to be noted in its passage and reflection about how its being spent is worthwhile.

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    Am I worthy of being loved/cared about?

    What are the most important things to me?

    How do I fit into the world and how do others fit into it?

    Those have been the most difficult questions for me thus far.......

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    Am I worthy of being loved and loving in return, and will I?

    Will I ever get what I want out of life now, let alone what I'll want when I have a taste of anything more?

    Is my life beneficial to the rest of the world?

    This is subject to expansion after I've had more time to comb the recesses of my brain.

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    Not sure what was the hardest, but those are pretty haunting:

    - Do I have anything that makes me a human being worthy of love?

    - Will I ever be able to "pay back" my parents for all they've done for me?

    - Will I regret my current behavior years from now? Should I do things I don't like doing right now so I can grow old and say, "Yep, I'm glad I did all that stuff"?

    - Do I have anything to offer towards others? Can I enrich their lives in some way, make their kindness to me mutual?

    - Where will I be in a few years? Will I succeed or will I fail?

    - What are my ambitions?

    - Is it all worth it? Is anything "worth it"?

    /Woody Allen moment
    Tentative typing: ISFJ 6w5 or 9w1 (Sp/S[?]).

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    About me personally: "What should I do next?" - Whether in terms of "what should my next big step in life be?" or simply "what should the next minor movement of my body be?" this question is something that can never be answered completely. You never know what truly will be the most beneficial thing for you to do, and you'll never know if what you decide to do will bring good or bad results until you do it. You can guess, hypothesize, or find the logical or most probable answer, but you'll never know for sure.

    Paradoxical: "What would the universe be like without the universe?" - In other words, if all the matter that exists never existed, what would there be (if you were able to look at this alternate reality)? This sort of connects with "what was there before the big bang?" I love philosophical questions that can only be speculated and never truly answered, because no one can ever be right, and therefore, no one can ever be wrong.

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    Am I so committed to doing this thing that I'm willing to risk death in the process?

    The answer is always changing.

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    How do I feel right now?

    That's probably the hardest question I have/ever will ask myself.

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    What the fuck? in general

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    Camus thought that there was really only one philosophical question and that was suicide, life was either worth living or it wasnt.

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