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Thread: When is the day a bust?

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    Default When is the day a bust?

    This is kind of the philosophy of everyday life, when is the day a bust, if you sleep in and where planning to get a lot of work done or just had a vague idea of being productive, when do you look at the clock and say "damn, days all but gone" and is there a point of retreival, as in, you can feel like the days all but gone but if you still get up now and redouble your efforts you'll be fit to get it all and more done?

    I'm thinking about the role of time in motivation and demotivation in the broadest possible sense.

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    the moment that first morning beer kisses my hand with its frosty aluminum lip.

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    probably when I desire more than I can fulfill or when others demand more than I desire to fulfill.

    What about you?

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    when i take a hit...the day is over for me. it doesnt matter when i do it, only if. till then..i'm as productive as anyone (probably more so, i can get lots done if needed)

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