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Thread: I am scared

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    Default I am scared

    I am am finishing school this year and I'm scared about leaving everyone. My closest friends, they're gonna drift's scary

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    you'll lose some old friends, but the important ones will keep in touch. i've been out over 3 years and live on the other side of the country with one of my high school best friends. and you'll make new ones too.

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    It is natural to leave friends and probably never talk to them again. I grew up in a military family, I moved around every 2 or 3 years. Friends come and go, if they were really good friends just add them on facebook. That has worked for me. I even found a friend from back when I was 5.

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    I'm still good friends with a few people from high school and high school was a long time ago. We really don't keep in touch regularly and most of us are scattered over different countries but things click into place very easily when I see them again. It's the same way for college friends; I barely get to see them ever since we graduated and I'm honestly not good at keeping up regular contact, but the friendships run deep and I think they'll last.

    You'll keep the friends you're meant to keep so try not to worry about it too much and don't let it hold you back from making new ones as you move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmatic View Post
    I am am finishing school this year and I'm scared about leaving everyone. My closest friends, they're gonna drift's scary
    It's ok to find the change scary. Just don't let it petrify you too much.

    You will have lots of opportunities to stay in touch that I wish I had had when I was your age. (*feels incredibly old now*) Keep in touch over facebook, texting, emails, skype, etc.

    It is only natural that you will lose people in your life when major changes like this occur. However, the truest friends won't go anywhere.

    I talk to one friend several times a week that I went to school with overseas. We've been friends for 18 years now.

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    See it positive: if your friends leave you all, they might have never been real friends to begin with, and learning that might be more worth than sticking with them. I made that experience (although I had not very big illusions about it before to begin with), although it wasn't as easy back then, I think it is for the better.
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