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Thread: Cannibalism vs. Murder

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    I don't like the idea of killing anyone, not even rodents or pests (though I have no problem killing bugs) but I've always thought if it really mattered I could do it.

    Eating my family members, not so much. That second scenario bothers me MUCH MORE than the first.
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    I think most people will go with murder purely because the option of cannibalism involves a family member. If it were two strangers I could easily drift in either direction.
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    In the scenarios given, I think murder would be easier for me simply because I doubt I'm going to go through the effort of chopping up my family member and eating him or her raw. I mean, for one thing, they're going to bleed all over the place and probably attract sharks. There's a possibility I could grab onto the fin and hitch a ride back to shore, but it's very slim. So, no. Now, if they were served to me on a plate, whole 'nother story. And I'm pretty positive I could kill somebody. Preferably cleanly and legally and not someone I'm relatively fond of, but it is what it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mae View Post
    In the scenarios given, I think murder would be easier for me simply because I doubt I'm going to go through the effort of chopping up my family member and eating him or her raw.
    That's true. I would think both scenarios should probably have the "victim" be strangers.

    The way you wrote out scenario A reminds me very much of a moral dilemma some characters faced in Breaking Bad.

    (Murder)Scenario A: You have to kill someone to survive. They don't necessarily deserve it, but their existence is putting your life, and (possibly) the lives of others', at risk.
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    I also put my vote in for the the victims all being strangers (or all being family members)...just feel like it levels the playing field and makes our answers more meaningful.

    If both were strangers, I'd choose murder. If they were both family members, I'd choose cannibalism.

    In your scenario, definitely whatever involves the stranger (so: murder).

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