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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    I would look at the rest of the world's major religions and look at which one was most likely to be true. better safe than sorry I always say
    So out of an infinite number of religions, you chose only one? That doesn't sound like a safe choice.

    Pascal's wager has a logical flaw, it assumes that the set of possible religions is bounded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noon View Post
    If the above is in reference to me, I am not a buddhist.

    If not, my apologies.
    No, its just a general point.

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    Someone has asked me what I think is wrong with buddhism in a rep, they dont have a visitor wall for comments so I'll answer here.

    Its traits I think are shared by all the doctrines, so far as I'm aware of them. I've done some reading about the distinctions but I'll be honest I know more about Christianity than I do about buddhism and my knowledge of Christianity is probably incomplete.

    My critical appraisals of buddhism correspond mainly to what are my considerations of the judeo-Christian belief systems validity, both judahism and Christianity cultivate an active and forward looking approach to life, they also require change, of self and society to conform to hopes of either Jesus or God's prescence or spirit returning to the community, these things are considered desirable and that desire is the impetus for change or sustaining change which has taken place, each generation will transmit that belief and experience to the next and hopefully it will be built upon.

    In contrast buddhism as I understand it seeks the termination of desires, does not look forward or back but seeks only the present moment.

    The buddhist cycle of death and rebirth, which I'm not actually challenging the validity off because I dont think that can be known, seems like a kind of damnation to me, its closest approximation in my own system of thinking is purgatory. Now I know that this cycle is undesirable to buddhists also and they practice to be released from it and experience nirvana. However, the state of nirvana, which does not involve the survival of the self or a deity, seems like a perpetuation of the purgatorial state into that of a hellish state.

    So that understanding of it means that it teaches the best way to adapt to being seperate from God for all eternity, seperate also from your ancestors or the communion of saints, and losing your self, which as I understand it is a gift from God vital/treasured by not just to the individual but also to God.

    Like I say, I know that this requires some acceptance of judeo-Christian beliefs in the first place, and most people will suggest that there is no objective, material harm created in the world by buddhism in contrast to Christianity, I believe that's mistaken but I dont have a catalogue of historical evidence on hand to refer to and I am not that encouraged to evidence it in that way since even if there were no clear, material, temporal harm it is not entirely my point.

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    OT: I've done this in a way. I believed pretty strongly. What ended up happening is that I did a lot of exploring, being careful not to completely vilify my old faith. I've seen some people get unhinged when they decide they've been fooled, and devote as much as their life against the religion as they did for it when they belonged. And there's wisdom to be had from about any source, if not only learning what not to do.

    After trying on Buddhism, Paganism, Athiesm, Xtianity, and more, I've decided that I'm cool with not being very religious. By that I mean having services to attend, a physical space to learn a specific system of outlook.

    In a way I do believe in a God.. and if he could be pinned down to something that I would object to, then by my own definition he would not actually be God.

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