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    I think the question "Is it rape" can be answered in the same way as the question "Is it racist".

    If you have to ask that question in the first place, then you probably don't have the judgement to answer it. So just accept that the answer is always yes.
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    I think all except 3 would be pretty bad, but 3 would really depend. If they person is 12 and has a mental handicap, then yes. If the person is in their older teens to adulthood and they are intelligent enough to decide for themselves, then no. And no I did not make this analysis in regards to any ageist law.
    Before I test the validity of your argument, allow me to use an argument that will work on almost anyone. Behavior does not determine process, behavior is just the result of process, therefore anything that doesn't indicate which information is relied on or what criteria is used in making decisions is invalid in typing a person or character.

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    I agree that if you are uncertain about whether or not something is rape, then it's rape. Because what you are really uncertain about is whether or not you have consent. If you don't know if you have it, you don't have it. The absence of a no is not a yes.
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