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Thread: Would You Relive Life?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    Yes. But I can't help but have the sinking feeling that it would come out exactly the same.
    Quote Originally Posted by oberon View Post
    There are a great many things that I would do differently. Better.
    Both of these apply to me. Would I? Yes. I've let a lot of things pass me by that I shouldn't have, and while most of my choices seemed like good, respectable decisions at the time, they haven't really taken me where I'd choose to be.

    This does sort of assume that I could have some sort of influence on "born-again-me" to steer myself away from (or more aptly, *to*) certain choices in a small number of pivotal points in my life. Wouldn't have to retain full memory, just provide a few nudges here and there. That would probably do it -- or perhaps just change some things for the better, and some for the worse . But a chance? Yeah, I'd take it.

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    yeah, i'd definitely come back, but only on the premise that i'd be the flamiest, holiest gay man on whichever side of the mississippi i'd materialize. the time's ripe. typologee central, repreresent!

    thinking of you

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    Our whole cells structures replenish after some 7 years how on earth can we not relive life anew?
    We are reliving life...until we learn from our mirrors and charges in this time frame our consciousness shall subdivide and forget to relive our lives as much as the spirit requests. Its a personal journey at the behest of prime expression of being. I find this question puzzling, feels you are referring to memories, and there again we are living memories from cell expression as we expand into ourselves some more from experience.

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