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    Default I'm amazed how no one seems to fear death

    Public speaking and spiders rank much higher on the list of most common fears.

    Whenever there's a thread posted about death, I'm always surprised by the number of people claiming not to fear death at all. I sometimes wondering if they are seriously depressed or just in denial. Not too many people seem to be openly willing to admit that they fear it and that they are deeply unsettled by the thought.

    I fear death more than just about anything. The only thing I think I fear more than death is living on unfullfilling and meaningless life or not making any valuable contribution to society.

    When you die, you lose *everything* you've come to love and appreciate. You have no more contact with your loved ones or friends. You can't eat any more tasty food, listen to any more music, or see any more beautiful art. You can no longer do the things you love. You can no longer contribute to the betterment of society. You can no longer gain knowledge or insights on things. Death is far worse than major losses in life. If you lose a loved one, at least hopefully you have other relationships you can depend on. If you lose your hearing and can no longer listen to music, you still have your vision and can appreciate a sunset or beautiful art. But when you die, that's it. It's *all* gone.

    Maybe I take this viewpoint precisely because I don't believe in any sort of afterlife. However, I've heard several atheists also say they don't fear death either. The people who claim to not fear death are not necessarily depressed or nihilistic either. Some are very well adjusted people who currently enjoy life. And I'm not sure age has much to do with it either. It's not just old people who are saying that. I've heard that from 18 year olds as well.

    So are there others who share my attitude? I don't think I'm the only one. Or am I really on a different wavelength from others?
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    Death is inevitable. Why fear this? When dead, you're not going to care about anything. You're gone.[/atheist position]

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    Yea, why fear death ? You know it will be coming and you dont want to know when. I rather fear spiders aswell, cause you never see them coming and when they come you're still alive to shit your pants.

    I've lately seen a nice episode of Avatar, where the old man was asked if he at his old age doesnt get surprised no more. And the old man said, there is only one thing left to surprise him and he better doesnt want to know when it happens. I liked that quote very much

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    I guess I could call myself an agnostic, if stating that matters in any way. I don't fear death either. At least not in a way that I would feel paralyzed by the fear. Of course I'd prefer to die at a comfortably old age and not go through immense suffering before I do. But other than that, I have no control over death (I'll leave suicide out of the equation for the moment), no way of avoiding it or any means of controlling what happens after I do die. So why should I worry about it? I'll deal with that when the time comes, but for now I'd rather concentrate on living instead. Worrying about it would only take away the precious time and energy that would be more beneficial for keeping on living and enjoying various things life has to offer.

    All the things listed in the OP, things you've come to love and appreciate, I don't think any of these matter to you personally anymore once you're dead. You've been given time to love and appreciate these things, but you're not supposed to hang on to them forever. Once you've fulfilled your purpose it's time to move on. And since nobody knows what's going to happen once you do move on, the only thing to worry about is living your life and enjoying it as best as you can.

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    I've no fear of death, that said, I do hope it comes later than sooner for me. Much much much later. Preferably a few million years later. But when it comes it comes. Not much can be done about it.
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    I don't want to die. Or rather, I don't want to not exist. To be honest, I am pretty scared of that. Though the couple times I've come close to death I've been remarkably collected about it (during). Maybe when the time comes I'll be ready for it.

    Who knows what happens after life anyway?
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    There are many things more worthy of fear than death.

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    Ever considered that they are lying or deluded? I'd guess most who claim not to fear it are in one of those two categories.

    The evidence is that the vast majority of the population fears death very strongly.

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    Everyone dies. I try not to be afraid for my entire life because well, that sounds kinda shitty.

    I don't do anything to severely hasten it, though. I certainly don't want to die, but as a young healthy person, it's kinda silly to dwell on it, don't you think?

    Quality of life is important too, not just quantity.
    -end of thread-

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    I fear death. I feared death so much at one point I had to be given medication for anxiety. Of course, I dealt with a lot of death at a very young age, so I see it as more of a reality than I think some people do.

    I also think it just had to do with having panic disorder. I know it also helped me a lot when I was with my ex. I sometimes had this feeling when I was with him that I didn't care if I died.

    What that tells me is that I don't want to die alone.

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