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Thread: That rebellious phase...

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    Interesing. I've never had a "rebellious phase," nor have I ever felt the need to. My parents never placed much restrictions on what I do, and they have no need because I don't do much anyway. I've definitely learned to think for myself, but I haven't rebelled.

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    I don't feel like I have ever been rebellious. When I was a teenager/young i never felt rebellious towards family because I always felt too worried about my mother to rebel. She had/has a really emotionally painful life, and I felt concerned about her as long as I can remember. Over the last several years I have left the institutions I was associated while being raised, so I don't know if that is rebellion. It doesn't feel like it, though, because I have been extremely slow to tell anyone about it, and I absolutely hate that my family feels upset/anxious about the parts they know. I work to set their minds at ease.

    I do try to live honestly and authentically, so I have rejected ideas and assumptions, but in a pursuit towards reason and compassion, not to be reckless or upset anyone. I wish I could take more risks about ideas. I never once went out to support the 99%, although I agreed with their sentiment. I had specific personal reasons for that choice, but if I had more fire of rebellion perhaps I would have gone.
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    I never had a rebellious stage. There really wasn't a need, as my parents always gave me the opportunity to talk about anything I didn't understand or that was bothering me and they tended to have broader principles (with reasons given for them), rather than rigid rules. Therefore the process to defining myself as an an independent adult and deciding what I thought for myself was fairly easy and natural. My mother in particular was one of my best friends, even though she still clearly provided leadership as I was growing up.

    Because they gave me protection, provision and proximity throughout the years, I don't feel like there was a big need to seek it out elsewhere, and they had invested enough in the relationship that they were often aware of my needs/wants/frustrations almost before I was (certainly before I had to verbalize them). I'm not saying they were perfect people, but I don't think that teenage rebellion is inevitable as part of the maturation process.

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    I used to be rebellious, toke an arrow to the knee.
    To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
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    Insofar as "rebellion" is an active rejection of what is, most human beings are likely reacting in a rebellious fashion most of the time. But not with all of their being or anything. It's one affect among many, and ubiquitous.

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