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Thread: Personal Testimony

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    says the chick from Cleveland!

    read the OP, or the OP of his thread on guns are evil or a variety of other posts... they generally call Americans evil
    What about apple pie?

    He's gotta like apple pie.
    Take the weakest thing in you
    And then beat the bastards with it
    And always hold on when you get love
    So you can let go when you give it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefeater View Post
    What about apple pie?

    He's gotta like apple pie.
    Australians don't have apples. They have dingos and other things to eat.

    (Notice, that was a stereotyped joke.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefeater View Post
    This is annoying. More likely to happen in the south, but i suppose we're all yanks to you.
    When you are not septics, as septic comes from the rhyming slang, septic tank - Yank.

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