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Thread: What is the Root of Personal Development?

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    Mommy likes cookies, pappy likes milk. I like milk and cookies. Personal development.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xNTP View Post
    Where does it all begin? What's the first and most important step a personal can take in their quest for contentment? Is it something internal like a realization or attitude or being present, or something external like having your own space or being close to nature? Why is that thing so important?

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    A few things on my mind are self-respect, kindness, skepticism, hope, and having a healthy and sensible dinner vision of where you want to end up. I suppose some of these might be more appropriate than others, but having a good idea of where you want to get to is probably the most critical thing, because if you have that, you can figure out how your life is different and begin developing some of the other qualities and factors that are inherent in that final vision.
    First inner well being. Knowing that all you are is all you have and not needing anything else to make you whole. Then comes experiencing the outside world. Activities, using the senses and interacting with others.

    The first is meaningless without the second, and the second is poorly perceived without the first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    Mommy likes cookies, pappy likes milk. I like milk and cookies. Personal development.
    This is very true, for we start our personal development, our personal story, with our Mommy and Pappy.

    Then our story grows and develops, almost by itself. We are our Mommy and Pappy cast into the future. And no one can predict the future.

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