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Thread: Deconstructing House MD

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    Quote Originally Posted by bananatrombones View Post

    [YOUTUBE="ISXiFJS9D5A"]House. Em. Dee.[/YOUTUBE]
    LOL! me and my friends watched that the other night

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    Without typing any characters, I must say that the show itself is the most iNtuition biased show I've ever seen. It doesn't matter what character you're dealing with. Use of Sensation comes across dumb and foolish, use of Intution brings magical successes.

    More generally, the show seems to press a very overt message, for better or for worse, that one should take chances and defy convention. That's all well and good, but at the same time, if you try to be realistic about it (which is silly with that show) you can plainly see how unlikely House's successes are, or even his continued existence with a job... outside of jail.

    EDIT: In general, I've noticed that the American viewing audience loves Pe, be it Ne or Se, and that really ties into the risk taking, convention ignoring part.
    I dont know, I didnt really get the defying of convention so much, House has issues with authority but they have tried to introduce plotlines were he IS the authority, such as the season where he has a huge big team and is slowly cutting away candidates.

    I tend to see him as ENTJ because he has a pretty rationalistic out look, there's a lot of cerebration, he positively shuns affect and emotion, the whole "Everybody Lies" theme pretty much indicates the extent to which he believes those things get in the way of diagnostic results.

    There's a great episode in which House has to deal with a rape victim and tries everything he can to opt out of doing so because he cant "feel" how they do and he even tries to think his way to the feelings or bluff it all which then provokes their rage in response. There's a lot of dialogue in which he essentially describes, explains, states and narrates in a way which suggest that he either is out of touch with his feeling traits or has them pretty repressed.

    Its possible that the game playing, for instance testing out the point at which people will stop loaning him money when its apparent they wont get it back, is an indication of something other than thinking and judging. On the other hand it could be evidence of the same, if you take it at face value. I tend to think he's making a sort of observation study of those around him and the traits they exhibit that he hasnt got.

    My reasoning for thinking that is that House sort of knows he's an incomplete character and that incompleteness effects his capacity to diagnose, hence the theme of creating and recreating the balance of personalities and roles in his diagnostic team. When he's caught on a plane without the others he gets a group of people together and tells them how to behaviour in a manner which is similar to the personalities of those in his team.

    There's only one episode that I know of were House actually guesses or gambles, like I mean admitting to everyone that that's what he's doing because I think the show tends to employ that plot device a lot before he sits back and does an "elementary my dear Watson" thing. If I'm not wrong its when he's actually not in pain any longer and has a pain killing regime that works. He chooses to ditch it because it makes him sloppy which brings things around to the sense of transcending and important mission or purpose, diagnosis is his raison detre, there's only been one suggestion that he adopted this role to get others to have to deal with him.

    Could be too many leaps and bounds there, I'd be interested to hear how others would type House and why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Could be too many leaps and bounds there, I'd be interested to hear how others would type House and why.
    have fun reading this 80-page thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Eyebrows View Post
    No way! I didnt see that!

    He's got a split personality now and hallucinates dead colleagues *really not sure I want to engage with the mega thread*

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