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Thread: Human potential, personal growth and development?

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    Default Human potential, personal growth and development?

    This could be a little like the resilience thread and it might belong in the other psychology forum but I thought I'd post it here since most of the answers I can think of are proffered by philosophers or the spiritual schools of thought.

    What way do you define these concepts and are they useful to you?

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    I think about all three concepts, probably more than is healthy.

    I think of human potential as our innate capability. It is the gifts we are born with, and it is the strength to open enough doors to gain enough clarity to achieve personal growth (and development).

    Personal growth I think is that ability to realize our human limitations, and understanding them before we can work towards outdoing ourselves. Another part of personal growth can be to work with, against or around flaws, weaknesses or handicaps, but this work I think also requires enough reflection and/or self-percecption.

    All in all I don't think we are limited by what ability we are born with, but we are limited by ourselves in that how many doors we dare open explore and how many questions we dare ask ourselves.
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    In a nutshell:

    Genotype + Environment = Phenotype

    A child with exceptionally gifted genetic capacity (be it mental or physical) who IS NOT raised with proper nutrition, guidance, and emotional support WILL NOT REACH his/her genetic potential.

    A child with average genetic capcity (be it mental or physical) who IS raised with proper nutrition, guidance, and emotional support WILL SURPASS his/her genetic potential.

    Determining how much of overall success is attributable to GENETICS and how much is attributed to ENVIRONMENT is a huge and long standing debate between the camps of "mature" and "nurture."
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    Nature and nurture?

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    Untapping raw and real potential is the only premise for living. The capacity for growth, the ability to actualize a possibility, to bring forth something within - this is the only form of fulfillment for me aside from meaningful relationships.

    As an idealist, visionary, and dreamer the most tragic course a life can take is one of wasted potential. I think if I could bring all my capabilities forward and do the same for others I could very well die alone quite contently.

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