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Thread: Sin and MBTI

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    Well as of now, parishes can choose to which rite of the mass they offer. Personally I prefer the Tridentine Mass over Novous Ordo, although I've seen a few good Latin Novous Ordo masses before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Take Five View Post
    Not really familiar with FSSP, but SSPX is nuts. Borderline heretical, even by my traditional, orthodox, conservative standards. I think Latin Mass should be offered to congregations (and they often are), but not mandatory. For international purposes, the universal Mass was a good thing.
    I agree SSPX is verging on sedevacantism (probably lots of closet sedes though)

    I have never been to a Tridentine Mass, only a NO Latin Mass, but I am dying to go to one because I agree with the traditional Catholic way of things. The closest Mass is almost 20 miles away though, and I don't drive. I've been thinking about bugging the four local parishes to see how they would react to the proposition. I think some members of SSPX also claim that Novus Ordo Sacraments are invalid.

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