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Thread: astral projection

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    Default astral projection

    For those who know what it is, have you been able to achieve something like that or believe that it is possible?

    It's sort of like an out of body experience... but with the belief that the physical human body and the spirit/soul can be seperated temporarily and enter another realm in a conscious level... or something of that sort.
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    yes and no.
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    I would like to learn that, it would be fun.

    The only "supernatural" things I have successfully mastered are the tarots, the Book of Changes and astrology. The reason these work, they are basically random punch-lines that trigger the unconscious. In other words, nothing special. Can be useful though...

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    yes madam!
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    I have experienced the feeling of the mind and body being separate on many occasions, always when close to falling asleep or waking up. I do not believe there are any supernatural implications though.

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    I've had one non-drug related 'astral projection' experience before. I'm not ready to say it's supernatural though. I was taking a nap and falling in and out of sleep, then all of the sudden I'm floating a few inches away from the top of the door to the room, near the ceiling. I had no awareness of having a body, and I had crystal clear picture of the room (I didn't look down to try and see myself sleeping though). Didn't panic or anything, just took it in for what felt like a minute or two.

    It's possible that I was using my memory of the room to experience floating near the door, and not existing on some astral plane. But the level of detail I experienced visually was very odd, I didn't think I could do that simply from memory.

    Some people are able to do this on purpose, with practice and various methods to almost hypnotize yourself into the state.

    I've had out-of-body drug experiences, but those are different.

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    I wish I did...part of me strongly wants to. But then, I'm in the middle of an existential crisis. As soon as I believe I have a soul again, I will.
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    just be with yourself. all experiences are only symptoms of achieving this. (when i say "all", i mean: not only far out super special experiences)

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