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Thread: In 5,000 Years, We'll All Have A Nice Picnic Or Something

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    Default In 5,000 Years, We'll All Have A Nice Picnic Or Something

    I was looking at an article about the 'doom' spelled out in the Web-bot predictor for Dec. 21 2012, and I came across this comment:

    I live in the small Devonian town of Totnes which is sadly full of total hippies, I have been subjected to claims about the Mayan timeline running out for years and I am frankly bored of hearing it. No one has managed to predict the end of the World yet even though there have been all kinds of attempts. Why can't anything nice and happy happen? It always has to be the end of everything and prognostications of doom. Why can't a shaman predict that in 5,000 years we'll all have a nice picnic or something?
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    Lol, I hereby predict that on december 21st 2012 we'll all have a nice picnic and that the Mayan calender is merely a countdown to this joyful event.

    Seriously, predicting the future is bullshit, and yeah, predicting picnics and other assorted niceties simply wont sell as many books as predicting the end of the world.

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    im pretty sure the calender ending at 21st december 2012 was one of the earliest and most epic of all april fools joke ever like "hey hey guys, lets stop the calender there, and everyone will be like OMG the worlds gonna end there, it would be Hilarious". and im pretty sure it would have been impractical to make a calender for the next 700 000 years anyway, so why not just update it every once in a while, i dont see people buying home calenders for the next 20 years.

    PS! ill bring the Wine to the picnic. someone bring salad

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