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View Poll Results: Do you think you have a soul? and why?

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  • Yes I do belive that people have souls thanks to religious reasons.

    10 15.15%
  • I feel that I have one, therefore I do.

    25 37.88%
  • I think a soul is something which is just made up.

    31 46.97%
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Thread: Do you think you have a soul? If you do, why?

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    23 (versus only 26) of the people voted this way...

    "I feel I have a soul, therefore I do."

    I can't tell if they voted that way as some joke to tick rational people off or if they really meant it.

    "I feel that Julia Roberts loves me back. Therefore, she does."

    It is a joke, right? Human beings who are capable of typing don't really hold that opinion, do they?

    Sometimes I don't get jokes right away.
    An inscription above the gate to Hell:
    "Eternal Love also created me"

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    so that's julia roberts on your avatar? it's (sick) postmodern culture to talk like that ("I feel I have a soul, therefore I do."). like there is no absolute truth and convictions are just personal, because some smart apes (who lack souls of course) have just deconstructed every methodology of arriving at a conclusion. "don't step on anyone's feet, so we all get along." sure works, until a political decision must be made (like abortion) or anyone enters the room who is not configured by get-along-feel-good-calofornication (like the una bomber). i feel you are one of those, who are not ready to just "leave brittney alone". maybe you would say "there is nothing real to convictions because they are "just" personal". is that it? of course in reality the soul (subtle) exists, because some people have insight into it, and others are of the same species so we can safely assume they have a unconscious soul, or some resemblance of it, like a sprout. and almost everybody who knows his soul understand that, they just dont dare to say it, if they are californicated, to avoid conflicts with ignorant pre-post-modern people (modern aka rational people, like "left hand only" scientists).

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    of course the soul exists because, it can be experienced. the word soul is orignialy a signifier to the experience. it was not read from a scripture, but written into it. the experience is the true meaning. the boldfaced statement is correct logic until you come up with either a specific concept of the soul, that is wrong, which is to say, that it does not reflect the experience or goes beyond it, or you come up with an insane way of deconstructiong the word "existance" - in which case the sentence would not be wrong but meaningless as far as truth is concerned.

    why would you come up with and stick to a definition (conceptualization) of the soul?

    only to abandon your experience of the soul, together with your wrong concept of it. talk yourself out of your human nature into a save haven of being in control over everything you "know", by taking the experience out of your idea of "knowing", reducing your mental field to rational believes, that are enforced by incomplete logic. that's the rational thing to do. its insane. like writing a scientific report on climate change, putting some typos into it, then claiming that there is no climate change, because the report is faulty. insane, baby.

    guy enters the store, asks: do you have a soul?
    clerk replies: define soul!
    well, devil, why define it, how many souls do you have in store?

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    meaningless = anything that is constructed out of logic, in such a self-referential way ('self' meaning logic), that experiential reality (perception) was removed from it, or reduced to a tiny glimpse of dead memory. meaningless = is of no significance to reality. philosophy, as raped by shallow men = meaningless. "science of thinking", my ass. there is no philo and no sophy in it. grand identity theft. leave philosophy to human beings, please. down with skynet.


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    I'm not certain whether or not I believe in 'souls'. I would say I believe that there is some kind of life force in everything, though exactly what that is I couldn't even begin to try and explain. It's purely based on my feelings and a sense of attachment and 'oneness' I can feel with the world; it is certainly not up for logical scrutiny or intense debate.

    Ultimately I'd say I'm a 'truth-seeker'. As with just about everything I'm open to all possibilities and am fascinated by any theories or facts as they emerge. I will admit however, that if it was proven beyond a doubt that there is nothing more to life than what science currently understands I would be rather disappointed. Given the way our understanding of science and the universe is always rapidly evolving though, I figure that's pretty unlikely.
    INFJ 9w1.

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    soul rhymes on alcohol
    Johari / Nohari

    "How dreadful!" cried Lord Henry. "I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect."
    ~ Oscar Wilde - The picture of Dorian Gray

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