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Thread: Aura/non physical/otherworldly thread.

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    Default Natural Halucination

    Quote Originally Posted by tinkerbell View Post
    nebb - thats sounds like a ncie experience that turned out bad... I'm glad you don't get them any more.

    OK a how to see Auras link... never tried to really learn, but I know it can be be learned

    Aura - Learn to see your Aura image with your own eyes
    The link reminds me of this visual halucination trick. Really works to some degree for a few seconds.
    expand it and stare at it until it tells you to look away. When you look away look and something cool, like a paint or my
    see: YouTube - Natural Hallucinogen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    "Darn it, the worms are back. "
    Worms? I hate worms! Worms make me crazy! Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a rubber room. I died there. Then the worms came... Worms? I hate worms! Worms make me crazy! Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a rubber room. I died there. Then the worms came... Worms? I hate worms! Worms make me crazy! Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a rubber room. I died there. Then the worms came... Worms? I hate worms! Worms make me crazy! As if yeu hadn't noticed by now ^.~

    For personal things though... I've seen alot. Good and bad.

    For purely supernatural occurances, like one night when much younger, I'd woken out of bed, and saw some being pretty much purely made of light, couldn't see them because they were too bright. I doubt it's a dream and I've never had any cases of hallucinating, so I doubt it was that either, but there's alot of explainations that could've covered it. Was it an angel? Probably not since it filled me with fear rather than peace. So no clue whot it was, possibly nothing at all but my imagination, but it's hard to explain such away.

    Another case which involved some horrible beast looking thing in my room but I've no clue whot it was, but the detail on it at the time was far too intricate and detailed for me to buy my parent's insistance that it was just an afterimage from looking to the side quickly. Never did buy that explaination, never well. Could've been a number of other things but not sure.

    One place I lived actually had a staircase I LOATHED though... constantly it felt like someone was comming down the stairs, always being watched from the stairs, no matter whot it was unnerving. It was distracting and difficult to even watch tv, because I'd have to watch the staircase as well. At one point in that house, I slept in a sleeping bag on my floor for some reason, I'm not sure why I did it, but at that time I heard something come up the stairs, it sounded like an animal of some kind, the feet on the carpet, and breathing were very low to the ground, kept my head buried under the sleeping bag but could hear it's breath right next to my head. It didn't sound all that friendly but I'm not sure whot it was. Once again, no proof of it being anything, but it's haunted me for a long time.

    Less tangible experiences also can occur though, like how... interesting my life is at times. I have to jump through ridiculous numbers of hoops to get anything I truly desire; like when I first bought WoW, I got it THE DAY IT WAS RELEASED. I was able to actually first log on about 4 months later -_-; I couldn't get a credit card and prepaid credit cards weren't available here yet, and neither were the prepaid game cards, blizzard didn't accept money orders mailed, I tried even driving down to a city to get a prepaid card... my car broke down halfway there. I had almost resorted to getting someone to buy one for me and I'd pay them off, but their store ran out of prepaid cards too. Eventually I took a BUS to get there rather than risk my car again.

    Same thing just happened again... setting up for going to college within the next week or two, everything that CAN go wrong, already has. And then some things that couldn't possibly have gone wrong (car breaking down again? Come off it! This's getting to be a bad running joke >.< ).

    Essentially, I've learned that anything I want I am going to have to work unnaturally hard for because apparantly SOMETHING just really really hates me. And I don't mean like "that was blind luck", I mean consistant, regular, anticipated and proven fact time and time again every single time without error or deviance, I am always the exception to the rule. I don't think I've even installed a single video game in the last 10 years which has worked right out of the box without some major flaw that drove me crazy for hours or weeks on end.

    Yet... the reverse is also true; if I spend ALL my monies, and give away the last bit I have... there's always more. If I give $20 to someone who needed it when it was my last $20 I had, guaranteed 100% chance within the next week I'll find $20 laying under a couch cushion, or a cheque I'd not even known about will just appear or be found, things like this... if I need monies, I'll be given such without question if I spent the last of it on someone else.

    I don't know why, or if there's an intelligence at work, or if it's just some clockwork scheme of things. We can't understand nor grasp the concept of the scope of these things... but these are religious experiences.

    The thing with me though, is I'm not willing to take every shred of evidence presented as being proof of my pre-conceived notion either. If I were a buddist, I'd be thinking karma and attribute it to that religion. Were I christian, I'd attribute it to satan/god. Were I an atheist, I'd attribute it to blind luck. This's obviously past blind luck though, so I do believe that something's having an influence on things beyond my capacity to understand, but there's no information on WHOT that something is. Is it bizzare rules of gameplay in the game of life? A computer program? God? Some other religion? Maybe the universe is just like a massive clockwork machine and has pre-set rules for when yeu do something, whot will happen in return? There's no evidence for WHICH is right... I can't attribute my experiences to any one cause.

    Just because there's evidence of something beyond my understanding, doesn't mean it's automatically 100% guaranteed that it's also evidence of god. Hardly the case at all really. It just tells me there's SOMETHING there. I don't know whot it is, and I don't know how to describe it, or to whot extent it holds true. But I can't say "this's why I'm a _______ insert religion here" because there's nothing to state that it WAS god or allah or YHVH or whotever.

    In the end, I have no clue whot the truth is, all I can do is keep searching for some direction as to whot all this crap means. I consider myself religious, but definately not blindly religious. I can't just accept "god" because that's whot people generally attribute this stuff to. There's no proof that it is god's doing, or that anything that people believe is anything more than myth and false associations.

    But there are things beyond sciences' current capacity to explain, they may or may not be supernatural in nature. We flat out don't know right now. Currently, with the information provided to me, and my own personal experiences, I'd state that something exists on a supernatural level. I just don't know whot.

    Maybe someday I'll find out, maybe I won't. I suppose it doesn't matter right now does it? I think the main thing is to keep one's mind open to possibilities and try to evaluate each rationally with evidence presented. And keep in mind the quote "It only makes sense that truth is stranger than fiction; after all, fiction has to stick to possibilities."

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinkerbell View Post
    Synistesia (?sp) is a condition where the senses are jumbled up - but there are loads of people can see auras - they don't see spoken word as colours, they see energy around people.. you can teach yourself to see auras (you can't teach yourself to have synistesia), its all about how you focus. I guess I see the odd flash (usually from a baby of a blueness around them).

    Synistersia people see colours with words and stuff.. it's pretty complex and to an extent pretty cool. It's basically the senses like hearing are visiually coloured.

    Auras - if you get into them are "suppose" to have 7 layers which have different functions... however I doubt this is more than supposition....
    Yes, I understand that people say auras are some supernatural phenomena. I personally don't believe it. I tend to think the phenomena comes from something internal, i.e. it is like a mild form of synesthesia.
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    [QUOTE=JocktheMotie;843346]I've had what I think are referred to as "numinous" moments. I will sometimes get them when contemplating the Universe or physics, or maybe if I'm stargazing. Characterized by an immediate sense of awe, insignificance, and the perception of the mysterious. Truly wonderful moments.

    Those are the best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    While trancing I quite literally saw Nature come to life and take shape. After that, I understood where folklore about elves, fey, dryads etc comes from.
    This happens to me all the time. I can turn mundane objects into things much more interesting in my mind's eye.

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    The only things I've seen of the sort are shadows of nonmoving things move. Scary as fuck.
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    I heard James Randi is removing his offer pretty soon. Because he knows if he keeps it up he will lose his million dollars. He's a bit a con man himself you know, the people who go to try and prove their abilities are also con men themselves but just to let you know, he is a bit of a trickster himself, he even tried to disprove Nina Kulagina by moving objects with a string himself, however that doesn't prove that she herself was moving objects with strings in any way, because she was able to move objects that were in enclosures, and obviously when he was performing his act, it was wide open space.

    Nina was able to perform feats such as stopping a frog's heart, and restarting it again, she also put a man into cardiac arrest. She was able to move a ping pong ball inside a magnetically shielded container, and other objects in enclosures, under the observation of skeptical scientists as well, I would like to see James Randi fool scientists placing him under strict observation under these circumstances.


    and by the way, his million dollar offer is even a scam, you actually get a check for $10,000 and the rest is sort of an IOU paid in bonds.

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    Though I haven't seen auras, I do at times see images over some people that last for a brief moment. Those pictures tell me something about that person. For example, I saw a spinning merry-go-round over a woman that I had just met. As I got to know her, I found out that she was one of those people who make the same exact mistakes over and over again and never makes any progress in life. Round and round she went, complaining as she went, until I just got tired of her and cut off contact. Next time I see that over someone, I'll know not to bother with them!

    I also sometimes sense a person's presence and emotional state before they enter a room, and can sometimes actually hear a person's thoughts, especially if they are close to me. It freaks them out too!lol....So, yeah, it doesn't suprise me at all that some people can see auras. Just because most people can't doesn't prove it's not real.
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    As discussed previously in a thread on this topic [started by yours truly, with significant contributions by others who can choose to re-identify themselves if they wish], I can sense, but not really see, auras. I'd liken it to people having various clouds extending from and rotating around their physical body, and info about the density, location, speed, quality, etc telsl you things about the person under question.

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