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Thread: Are evangelist really Christians?

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    There are obvious differences in styles of worship between denominations, and even within denominations. (There are some very sober, solemn evangelicals.)

    You asked whether, based on these differences, it were possible to distinguish Christians from non-Christians. This assumes a principle that regulates Christian worship such that persons breaking this principle are non-Christian.

    Based on your observation of the differences between denominations, what makes you suspect that evangelicals aren't Christian?

    Edit: I'm not attacking you or anything. My writing style is just dry, academic, and impersonal.
    I gave people a question. I gave you a question. Awnser it or shut up.

    No, not just that. I asked nothing. Nothing!!

    You know what i think? The only reason you are responding to this threat is because you think i must be a christian/fundamentalist and you get an ugly perversion out of using your fake and neurotic logic to drum on and on without thinking or listening, so that you can feel better then a particulare religious group i don't even belong to.
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