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Thread: What's Wrong About Religion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katsuni View Post
    For example, stem cell research is now to the point that it's been developed where it does NOT require the use of an embryo anymore, and can be done purely through literally any cell int he body. Meaning yeu can take a skin graft, and convert it into acting as though it were stem cells. And yet it's still technically banned and forbidden despite this. Why? Because conservatives are scared of 'playing god' and 'think of the children!' even though there's no children involved >.>;;
    What are you talking about? I've yet to see any real opposition from conservatives for Adult Stem cell research, in fact that's usually the alternative they advocate for as opposed to using embryonic stem cells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubbles View Post
    I'd like to know. Really. This is absolutely driving me insane.
    Given your inquiry - what I could tell you from what I could relate in my own experiences with religion is; so long as you have had conviction with your faith, or religion, THAT is what really matters. Normally, one's conviction in their faith never (actually) changes, so the safe side is usually that whether you decide to leave the faith or not, you (yourself) would be carefree of any excuses to do with making that decision.

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