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Thread: Educational / Moral Vigilanteism

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    Default Educational / Moral Vigilanteism

    Everyone knows a great teacher wants their kids to change by the time they leave their classroom. Even morally, a great teacher has a passion to instill values in his students. It wouldn't be wrong to say "I want my students to learn what justice is, what good is, what fair means, what it means to be diligent, etc. etc." But what if we take it a step further and say "In this society, what kids need most is a a better sense of morality. Kids, in their prime age, need to learn the value of other human beings, the value of music, and the value of honesty, now more than ever in our morally bankrupt society." Don't kids always need these things, regardless of the state of affairs in the world? Is this educational elitism of some kind? Is this saying "I as a teacher need to do these things, since they won't get it from society, which includes the teacher next door to me?"

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    Yes! A new generation of suckers to con.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blank View Post
    Yes! A new generation of suckers to con.

    HERE HERE! lol

    I would say that you should teach them to be Freethinkers, wikipedia Freethought.

    I dont think of it as a belief but as a system to make your own beliefs.
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