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Thread: Higher Purpose

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    I'm actually grateful for this thread, because it helped me to understand when I feel connected and happy and energized and excited, and when I don't. I realize that when I'm merely surviving (worried about money, living in fear of the future, etc), then I feel very disconnected and alone. When I'm actually *living* (on top of my worries, not allowing my negative emotions to rule my life), I feel connected. This is when I want to do something for others. When I want to love and nurture and help them. That's what makes me feel the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toonia View Post

    Your sentiment here is an important one. A higher purpose doesn't mean much if it is just self indulgent, empty pride. Consider if no one felt a sense of higher purpose, what would be the motivation for the Red Cross or other agencies that attempt to combat the violation and dismissal of human life? Maslow's hierarchy of needs addresses how humans progress from a state of raw survival to self actualization. I agree that a higher purpose means very little if it doesn't contribute to another human beings existence or potential for a higher purpose. The most important aspect though, is that the intrinsic value of a human life is the most distilled kind of higher purpose.
    Joeseph Campbell, when asked by a concerned graduate student what he should do with his life, thought for a moment and then said, simply, "Follow your bliss". What makes you feel the most complete, satisfied, happy within yourself, the most *you*, I believe is a very noble way to spend one's life. People who do so will be happy, and want to help others achieve their bliss as well.

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