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    As my first post on this forum i would like to ask of your opinion on time traveling.

    Is it theoretically ever possible? what are your theories and views on this topic?

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    if you can travel faster than speed of light, you should be able to go to the future.

    the faster you travel in terms of speed of light, the earlier you reach an event...maybe even before its happened

    but light is just a perception of things as they happen. so you can be at a point before something has happened (if you travel faster than light) but you have no way of knowing what will happen. so you actually only beat your perception of an event happening in terms of time and not time itself.

    so, time travel in terms of my knowledge of physics is not possible...then again i dont know shit about space time yeah

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    We're all time traveling right now. Oh look, the present just became the past.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blank View Post
    We're all time traveling right now. Oh look, the present just became the past.
    hahahaha i like that, totally true.

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