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Thread: The Wheel of Life Mandala

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    Default The Wheel of Life Mandala

    This mandala is used as a teaching device to illustrate some important ideas
    in Buddhism, particularly having to do with karma and rebirth. It is a valuable
    tool for psychological introspection as well.

    This is a copy of the wheel of life mandala. I believe the original was created by Moggallana -

    A Chief Disciple Also known as Kolita.A good friend of Sariputta. Rank No. 1 in psychic power amongst the Arahants. Buddha usually discouraged all from displaying supernatural power except for Mogallana, he was even praised for using supernatural powers in propagating the Dhamma. In Mahayana traditon, Ullambana festival (7th Month or Ghost Festival) was based on his story to save his mother in Hell.
    Here is a good url to explain some of the symbolism. Wheel of Rebirth
    The Wheel of Life Mandala Attached Images

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    I love mandalas. I drew one of my own. I mean it was my first try. I hope to get better at it.

    Thanks for the link. Good information.
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