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    Equality of value and respect. The real proof of whether 'I' accept it as equal or not is whether 'I' would feel ashamed and put down to do it. Right now we have a war between believers in equality of the sexes believing men should loosen up and behave more like women traditionally have, and 'feminists' defining women as inferiors unless they submit to the traditional demands on men and prevent changeing values to recognise both sexes as equal no matter what they do. Of course there are younger 'feminists'opposing them to say that sex does not make them 'subject' to men and there are values worth more than wage-slavery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qre:us View Post
    It is not so much in terms of absolutes that we must focus on equality. It is not so much with an expectation to achieve an ideal social milieu, but, the very act of striving towards equality, that is of utmost importance. To cry for equality is to make a stand towards, not with an end in sight, but, a direction - forward, not stagnant, and not backwards.

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