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Thread: The Murder of God

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    Well, being a scientist, I don't think his fear was of god but rather of the possible fundamentalist reaction. Of course, I've also heard that the Church used to be fairly accepting of evolutionary viewpoints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samurai Drifter View Post
    Well, being a scientist, I don't think his fear was of god but rather of the possible fundamentalist reaction. Of course, I've also heard that the Church used to be fairly accepting of evolutionary viewpoints.
    Most Christian churches support the concept of Theistic evolution as opposed to Creationism.

    Perhaps it should also be noted that there actually is a school of thought called "Secular Creationism" as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Sure, Charles kept the greatest discovery in the history of the world, the origin of life, secret for 21 years because he didn't want to upset his wife?

    What a wife he must have had.

    Far more likely that he realised the import of his discovery - that it made total nonsense of the Creation Myth.

    He realised that by publishing, he was flying in the face of God. And it was God or him.
    Does it matter what his motives were? Perhaps it did make nonsense out of the Creation Myth. However, Darwin recorded observations he had made about the physical world, formed hypothesis from his data, and published it for peer review in the scientific world. He did not set out to "kill God". Also, as we have already established, had he not published it, someone else would've. Science has no innate agenda; it is the study and understanding of the physical world. It is not concerned with ethics.
    Quote Originally Posted by Einstein and Religion, p52
    For science is confined to what is and ethics to what should be, and no path leads from the knowledge of what is to the knowledge of what should be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    As Charles Darwin published, "The Origin of Species", he wrote it was like confessing to a murder.

    And it was.

    He left God with nothing else to do. Charles had done it all for Him.

    Charley had done Him in.

    Charles was brought to trial in the US but unfortunately was aquitted. And we can't try him again because it would be double jeopardy.

    So he got clean away with the murder of the century - the perfect crime.

    But it was hardly a victimless crime - Charles murdered the Father and left His children all alone.

    It was an exquisite act of patricide. Prefigured by Oedipus who murdered his own father - but Oedipus didn't know it was his father while Charley boy premeditated the murder of Our Father. Yes Charles waited 21, yes count them, 21 years before publishing.

    What was he thinking all those 21 years with the manuscript in his draw?

    Was he excited? Did he feel guilty? Or perhaps he just felt afraid? But what if he were wrong - would God strike him dead?

    But God did not strike him with lightning and God went to His own death without a murmur, leaving us all alone with just each other for company.

    I look around me and all I see are patricides and fratricides.
    What has the Origins got to do with God?

    Anyway, Darwin is not the Father of Genetics.
    Mendel is.

    It was Sartre who left us in the dark.

    O'Brien said to Winston: We shall see in a place where there is no darkness.

    And meet they did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezion View Post
    Does it matter what his motives were?
    But just imagine, Ezion, you have just written the most important manuscript in the world called, "The Origin of Species".

    You then put it in a drawer and leave it for 21 years.

    Why would you do that?

    It would be like putting the, "Special Theory of Relativity", in a drawer for 21 years and forgetting about it.

    Or like putting, "Quantum Mechanics", in a drawer for 21 years.

    I mean it beggars the imagination.

    Why on earth would anyone do that?
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