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Thread: Bible Toys Invade Wal-Mart

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    Quote Originally Posted by LIND View Post
    Unfortunately as a christian myself I am not afraid to avow that they've really gone wrong this time!
    Not only is the idea of 'reducing' a biblical figure to a plastic form unacceptable ,(given that kids are imaginative.....what are they going to do with a Samson toy? kick the butt of a perhaps future manufactured 'Jesus' toy?) but also, those who have come up with this 'great idea' are attracting attention to the wrong person/character from the Bible; the one who disobeyed, the one who allowed himself to be a slave to his senses, emotions-for crying out loud even Stoicism would comndamn him!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naem View Post
    Oh. Right. 'Christian' can be a guy's name.

    Yikes--done with that!
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    Ok, it'll make money. But I imagine that it was designed - at some basic level - to spread the faith. Will it achieve this? No

    Secular families (I imagine America has at least 2 or 3) will not purchase the toys. Except, perhaps, to burn them. No change.

    Religious families might, but then their kids are going to be brought up within the Christian faith anyway so I hardly think a few action figures are really going to affect their lives too much. If they do, the human race has deeper problems than I imagined.

    Which leads me to conclude that someone will get rich and the toys will have ~0% impact on levels of 'faith'. So a pointless exercise all in all
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    So... good idea? Bad? Silly? Stupid?

    And do you think this sort of thing actually helps promote the faith, or merely degrades it?
    People have been shelling out coin for their faith since day one, so what's the difference?

    Buy shit, support the economy, and get saved while you're at it.

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    I meant to say I saw these yesterday in Wal-mart while shopping for my nephew's birthday present. I blinked, did a double take and decided to hit Chapters for that book on Astronomy I'd seen earlier.

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    Teehee, the local radio station mentioned these yesterday.
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    You know, despite the fact that faith and a religion of peace are being brought to young children, it always sincerely frightens me when people proselytize in an effective way.

    (By the way, I think that getting kids into Christianity by turning it into a Samsonite action film is kinda iffy... At best.)
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    I've seen Bible action dolls for years and they always strike me a little funny. For some reason I don't understand what the problem is. They seem alright to me. They are characters important to many people. I also don't see why they're preferable to SpiderMan. Kids use their imaginations, so their dolls can do good or bad things regardless of who they start out to be.

    Quote Originally Posted by sundowning View Post
    People have been shelling out coin for their faith since day one, so what's the difference?

    Buy shit, support the economy, and get saved while you're at it.

    presenting turd birds

    Take consolation folks, it could be worse.
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    tacky crap.

    but I feel that way about most toys
    I don't wanna!

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    This kind of thing sends shivers down my spine (the toys I mean). It's like... well, it's just creepy. Like the Flanders family or something... there's just something innately creepy about it to my mind. Ugh.

    It's like those wristbands and games and t-shirts you can get with "WWJD?" on them... and ... ugh... it's like they're turning Jesus into a rock star and the prophets and saints into his band, and merchandising them for maximum profit, while the groupies scream and become their 'fans'... which is creepy because that's kind of against the whole point of faith to me... typically being a 'fan' of someone in that teenage sense, tends to mean getting all silly and obsessed with the external appearance of something you don't really actually know or understand, and thinking that the more 'stuff' and merchandise to do with it you collect, the more 'faithful' or the bigger fan you are.

    Hard to explain exactly all of how I feel about it, but suffice to say, I just don't like it at all.
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