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Thread: Your multiple intelligences

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    Default Your multiple intelligences

    So have you taken any multiple intelligence tests? What are your scores? You can find a variety of tests online. I took my first one at Mypersonality and got verbal, musical, and intrapersonal. Elsewhere I've gotten those three in different orders, intrapersonal is usually first.

    Also, on that same website you can take the MBTI test there. It's pretty cool, because it gives you percentages and it looks cool. (Introversion 63%, Intuition 100%, Feeling 89%, Perceiving 89%)
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    I've taken them both in school and online. On the ones I'd take at school I would usually get intrapersonal, verbal and musical as my highest scores, and then visual as my least dominant intelligence. Online I get the same results, except online I tend to score higher on logical/mathematical intelligence than I would otherwise.
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