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Thread: What Formula 1 Driver Are You?

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    Default What Formula 1 Driver Are You?

    What Formula 1 Driver Are You?

    Felipe Massa

    You're Felipe Massa who is a consistent driver and the winner of the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix. You are a Brazilian driver with much potential.

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    Lewis Hamilton

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    I know absolutely nothing about Formula 1 (or any sports for that matter...) but here's what I got:

    "Fernando Alonso
    You're an ambitious Spanish driver who's won the 2005 and the 2006 Formula 1 Grand Prix with team Renault. As far as drivers go, you're not doing too badly."

    He looks hot so I'm ok with this
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    Michael Schumacher

    You're Michael Schumacher, one of the most recognized drivers of all time. Considering you've won the Grand Prix more times than any other driver, you're one of the finest champions to be!

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