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Thread: IQ TEST Mensa France Association

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    Quote Originally Posted by chubber View Post
    Votre QI a été mesuré à115, ce qui équivaut au 84,1e centile

    What does that percentile even mean? (I ran out of time too)

    I feel like a box of bricks

    edit: ok so it looks like I'll have to join the Milwaukee Project
    Percentile is basically the percent of observed scores below yours (IQ is 'normed' against the scores of another set of people)

    Note that this doesn't mean you're smarter than 84% of people. However 84% is still pretty good (above average)

    The thing about IQ is that it is normed against other peoples scores so it is not an absolute indicator. People's IQ rise and fall over time too and simply not being prepared can have a large impact on tests. A percentile is used because the number 115 doesn't mean a whole lot in itself because different tests can produce different scores and the number 115 could be fairly arbitrary. The percentile is actually the important number (and is the only thing that MENSA for example accepts. They don't care if you scored 200 if you can't show them your percentile)

    The fact that percentile is what matters also makes very high IQs sort of not really calculable (there's almost nobody to measure against up there near the 200 range)

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    On the other one, I get 133.

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    130. Not bad innit

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    Nothing about this test, but why do they put word questions in IQ test. How many words can you make with the following letters. I fail to see how this tests IQ, more like knowledge of words.
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    128 (138 ignoring time limit).

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    I'm really slow, so I took it twice:

    1st: 128
    2nd: 135
    INFP 4w5 so/sp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alea_iacta_est View Post
    Votre QI a été mesuré à133, ce qui équivaut au 98,6e centile

    I'm fairly sure I completely missed #33 and #35, but I believe I may have gotten #34 correct. I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out the mechanism but realized that the commutative property might apply.

    The second row and third row have two images in common, only flipped across the line. I figured, given there didn't seem to be any evidence of subtraction in neither the first nor second row, and since there are 3 items in both the second and third row (a blank space), that the middle image of the second row (the one that isn't shared with the third row) must also be on the third row and flipped. Of the answer choices, there is one choice that is the middle image of the second row flipped across the line.

    I'm not entirely sure if I got it correct, but it felt somewhat right.
    This is what it seems the last 6 are:

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    Votre QI a été mesuré à130, ce qui équivaut au 97,7e centile

    Since there was that whole IQ thread I'm going to make everyone suffer through me taking a crap load of these tests.

    Eh not that surprised, not that I am super smart or anything but I have always been alright at stuff like that.

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    I got 100 / 50th percentile.

    Well, at least I'm average, I guess.
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    For those of you who believe that IQ type tests such as these mean nothing, then what does it mean when the same person scores roughly the same score on a variety of different IQ tests, all with different types of questions? If it isn't measuring intelligence, what exactly is it measuring?

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