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Thread: What Song Will You Have a Number One Hit With?

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    Default What Song Will You Have a Number One Hit With?

    What Song Will You Have a Number One Hit With?

    Somewhere (There's A Place For Us)

    Wow! You got West Side Story! This song is so phenomenal, it's been covered again by a number of artists! Don't let that put you off because they've got nothing on you! You sing this song so exquisitely I thought you were Maria! Listen to the lyrics again because you're about to have a number one hit with this tune! You're making us all cry!

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    The melodies of this song are as smooth as your harmonies and its mambo roots makes this one your perfect song choice! You aren't the first artist who'll be covering this song and you by no means will be the last! But what draws us to your version is that it's actually enticing! Sexy even... So sure to be a hit!

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    Kiss From A Rose

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    I chose lyrics by Seal - Kiss from a Rose, and my results came out as Kiss from a Rose. Great test.

    I'll always remember this song from Tim Burton's Batman; which I personally find inappropriate. Prince's song is more suiting.
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