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Thread: The Freudian Personality Test

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    Your Freudian Personality Style is:

    Classic hysteric

    Having a strong need for attention and affection, you are not one to sit idly by, hoping that these things will come to you of their own accord. Instead you actively crave center stage and seek the notice of those around you through a series of attention-grabbing behaviors such as dramatized emotions, sexualized conduct and clothing, witty and eccentric manners, and so on. Notoriously fickle and flighty, you often find yourself chasing the latest colorful image that has presented itself to your imagination instead of working out the implications of a topic in detail. (By the time someone engages you on the nitty-gritty, you have already moved on to another topic.) Metaphorically, your personality style may be likened to a teenage girl whose uterus is twisting and turning, first to the one side, then to the other, causing emotional turmoil as it craves impregnation from the outside while at the same time resisting any definite commitment to it. In the same way, your actual personality is both sexually flirtatious and expressively overdramatic as a means of capturing people's attention. While your spontaneous amiability may sometimes lead people to think that you are either propositioning them or their new best friend, the reality is that for you, these enticing behaviors are not necessarily meant as anything but ways of getting them to notice you and care.

    Wow I'm sexy.
    just so all u fanboys/girls know, im equally as awkward and nervous when we meet irl. i'm just a human too &ill never view myself above u. ~ lil 寿司

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    I think that everyone should have a secret name.

    What would yours be?
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    I write the way I want fyi. No one but me handles the way I express myself.

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