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Thread: BuzzFeed: What Kind Of Roommate Are You?

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    You got: The Mom!

    You are the nurturing type, and you always know how to make your roommate feel better. When your roommate comes home late, you wait up for them. Your name is on the lease, because your life is the most together.


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    You got: The Ghost!

    You do your own thing, and that’s totally cool. You live with someone else to keep your rent down, but hey, who doesn’t? You have your own life, and they have theirs, but you are definitely a breeze to live with.

    Actually, I don't live with anyone, and refuse to have a roommate if I can avoid it.
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    You got: The Nonconformist!

    Being roommates doesn’t mean you have to be joined at the hip. You don’t believe in a chore chart, because who needs that kind of babying anyway? You definitely spice things up though with your quirky personality, so you’re fun to be around.
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