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Thread: What is your personality type? (playbuzz quiz)

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    The Visionary

    You are a very creative and resourceful person. You are open to a lot of ideas, you don't like to say no to anyone, and you LOVE debating on various subjects

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    The Giver
    You are a very friendly and warm person. You have great people skills and you are not afraid of speaking your mind. You are very caring - in fact, you probably take better care of others than you do of yourself. Don't forget - your own happiness is no less important
    just so all u fanboys/girls know, im equally as awkward and nervous when we meet irl. i'm just a human too &ill never view myself above u. ~ lil 寿司

    Quote Originally Posted by Evee View Post
    I think that everyone should have a secret name.

    What would yours be?
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    I write the way I want fyi. No one but me handles the way I express myself.

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    I got the performer. Idk how accurate that is...probably less accurate than some options, moreso than others.

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