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Thread: Feminist Test

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    58% feminist. That sounds about right.

    I wish feminism had a different name. Its basic definition is "the advocacy of gender equality", but its name implies that the female gender is superior. I can't stand women who think they're superior to men, any more than I can stand men who think women are inferior.

    We should just start calling feminism egalitarianism instead. That alone would take away a lot of the negative stigma around it.
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    You are 87% on your way to being a Feminist!

    The True Feminist

    You are a fellow Patriarchy Blaming Feminist, my bosom-buddy in the Sanctimonious Women's Studies set. You know sexism where you see it, and you're not afraid to call it out! You know a lot about Feminism, and you got your head on straight when it comes to politics too. In general, you're just pretty awesome and you judge people for who they are, not what arrangement of parts they have and the roles they are expected to play.

    Lol considering the answers I've given I was expecting something like 60%

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