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Thread: My Big 5 Test Score

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    Default My Big 5 Test Score

    Extraversion 1.3

    Extraversion reflects how much you are oriented towards things outside yourself and derive satisfaction from interacting with other people. High scorers are said to be "extroverts" while low scorers are said to be "introverts. Introverts will tend to become tired out by socialization, while Extroverts will be energized by it. Introverts value down time while extroverts value stimulation. Due to their disposition, extroverts will usually be good at social interaction due to lots of experience, introverts tend towards the socially awkward.
    Conscientiousness 3.1

    Conscientiousness reflects how careful you are, both in respect to organization and rules.
    Neuroticism 2.1

    Neuroticism is the tendency to experience negative emotions.
    Agreeableness 1.6

    Agreeableness reflects how much you like and try please others.
    Openness 4.1

    Openness reflects how much you seek out new experiences.

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    Very hard questions to answer for a normal person.

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