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Thread: my personality test based on archetypes

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    Professional and Designer are somewhat close on the test, however, in knowing myself, Professional is more my natural inclination/what makes me happier. I found myself in 'designer' type setting and path for much of my earlier adult life, however. Breaking free of that, as it makes me unhappy, and isn't really 'me' (most especially as tied to careers).
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    The Professional (22)
    The Charmer (21)
    The Designer (18)
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    keep them coming

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    You guys can take my test as a survey at the link at the bottom of the Summary page

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    The Designer=27
    The Professional=9
    The Charmer=23

    The Designer was kind of vaguely me and some of the careers sound like something I would find interesting.

    It sounds like enneagrams 4w5,and 5w4.So I guess that makes sense.

    As for the Charmer,I'm surprised I got it in second as it sounds almost absolutely nothing like me,the only part that sounded a tiny bit like me was the shadow archetype.

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    Ok I've changed the obsurvey site assessment so you can score it / get results while you are on there.

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