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Thread: Children's MBTI type tests

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    I can't say for sure, since I'm just going on memory which would be distorted by how I am now, but:

    Your ratings:

    Introversion--Very Strong

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    On the 9-12 test, strong INFP preferences.

    Today, INFJ - stronger on the I and J than the N and F.
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    Well, sad to say, they are now $9,95. But still available to one and all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nharkey View Post
    Well, sad to say, they are now $9,95. But still available to one and all!
    Can you explain how it works? (like for different ages and stuff)

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    Thanks for asking, Highlander. First of all it is the parent that is answering the questions. There are some drawbacks either way, but between the child answering directly, which assumes a fair amount of self-awareness, and the parent bringing his/her own biases to the situation, we come down on believing the parent is better, especially before adolescence. It can also be a real learning experience if both parents rate the child independently and see where they differ.

    Next, we tried to get as many questions as we could that were situational. (For example: Does this child usually a) remember just where he/she left shoes b) usually not have a clue). Others, of course are impressionistic: (Would you describe this child as more a) Head in the clouds b) Feet on the ground) Some questions seemed to work for all ages, while others are "aged" in the 9-12 sorter to fit older child actiivities. Hope that addresses your question.

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    Well, I am a parent, however at this time I don't think I am willing to go in on the $9.95.

    I already have pretty good indications she is probably ExFJ. As much as I'd like to assert that she is more sensing than intuituve, she is only nine years old, with mild inattentive-type ADHD. She is skirting the Florida standard for gifted (high 120's), and I'm actually relieved - in a way - that she didn't score any higher, yet.

    I'm INTP, my husband is ENTJ.

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